Baby Newborn Diapers Washable Reusable Nappies Changing Cotton Training Pant Coolababy Cloth Diaper #3759Logan

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2015 Newborn Baby boy bodysuits clothes Romper Spiderman Long Sleeve with Smock Infant Cartoon Christmas Costume clothing setUS $ 21.98/pieceBaby Newborn Diapers Washable Reusable nappies changing …

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baby newborn diapers washable reusable nappies changing cotton training pant coolababy cloth diaper sassy fraldas reutilizaveis

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1.Paper diaper redden your baby’s hip easily,but clothes diaper will not.
2.Using paper diapers for long time may lead to urethra infection
3.Paper diapers cost more money than clothes one because it’s un-reusable
4.Paper Diaper is bad for Environmental Protection

1.Face fabric:100% polyester
2.Sandwich:green waterproof breathable TPU elastic membrane
3.Lining:brushed cloth
4.Diapers material:microfiber terry cloth

Diapers and diaper pants together with the use of the best,the best water,and diapers can be washed with a very cost-effective,here is the link address this diapers,you can click on the picture to make a purchase,thank you!











Characteristics:this product according to the characteristics of growth and development,combined with ergonomic principles carefully.Use glue to stick in the design,such waist size can adjust at will,tightness freely.Convenient and easy disassembly easy change,better mommy change diapers.Diapers cloth is selected according to the characteristics of the infants,all of the land of cotton,feel comfortable,it has strong permeability,and can be washed many times,baby wearing more comfortable.With this cotton diapers,mothers no longer worry about baby diapers to not breathe freely!


Crotch has diapers slot,yo can fit into all kinds of diapers and gauze


Warm prompt:the diaper pants is not include diapers,if you need diapers,you need to purchase another,diapers site at:,you can click on to buy,thank you!





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